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Transaction Advisory Services

The mergers and acquisitions environment is one of the most intricate and dynamic settings that an organization can operate.

Successful Transaction Essentials

Engaging an effective and efficient advisor to help navigate the due diligence process is often essential to a successful transaction. Our team of seasoned deal advisory professionals bring extensive experience to each and every deal process.

Our transaction advisory team provides for an efficient and thorough due diligence approach, tailored to the buyer or seller’s needs and areas of focus. Whether these needs include traditional financial due diligence such as quality of earnings related procedures or complex transaction finance or tax matters, our team has the resources to provide rapid and accurate responses to any issue.

Our Transaction Advisory services include, but are not limited to:

• Pre-transaction evaluation and planning

• Business valuation

• Buy-side due diligence

• Sell-side due diligence

• Transaction modeling

• Tax strategy and structure

• Opening balance sheet audits

• Purchase price allocations

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